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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Does The Next Course Start?

    • All of our class starting dates are on the Calendar page.

    • Remember, we only allow up to the 2nd week of any course for enrolment.

  • What Do I Wear?

    • Flats and heels are both OK.

    • NO slippers, mules, or footwear that leaves your heel when you lift your foot. Sneakers are also fine, as long as they do not cause too much friction when you pivot.

    • Clothes: Anything that’s comfortable and allows easy movement of your arms and legs especially.

    • Office wear or exercise gear is fine too. Preferably no short, tight skirts which restrict movement, and no long flowing skirts, which tend to obscure the feet. Simply wear comfortable light clothes, like cottons and breathable fabrics.

  • Do I Need To Attend A Class With A Partner?

    • No. Many students come to our classes on their own or with a group of friends. In any case, during the class, you will be introduced to and partnered with your classmates. Partners will be rotated during each class so that everyone gets a chance to have a partner.

    • If we have an imbalance, students without partners simply wait between pairs for the next rotation. We will be rotating partners frequently throughout the class.

    • Please note: We do swap partners in our classes; if you do not want to swap partners, please get in touch to discuss this.

  • What Style Of Salsa Do You Teach?

    • Cuban Salsa and all things related.

  • Can I Just Turn Up For A Class And Pay On The Night?

    • If you are a beginner and have never danced before, we strongly advise to start your lessons as close to the course start date as possible. 

    • If you are an improver or intermediate level dancer, and you have experience of dancing, we can be more flexible when it comes to when you can drop in, however we still do advise to drop in, as close as you can to the start date of the 4 week cycle since all levels progress, build on, and develop through the 4 weeks, getting you ready for the next level.

  • How Do I Make Payment?

    • There are options to pay as you go, or you can purchase our 4 and 8 lesson blocks. This works out cheaper for you, and if you are away or ill, you don’t lose anything.

  • What Is The Minimum Age?

    • ​16 years old is the minimum age for all of our classes.

  • Refunds

    • ​All purchased classes/courses are non refundable. For cancellations of lessons/courses we offer a transferable credit. There is no charge for transferring. Credits must be used within 90 days of the initial purchase.

  • How Do I Know What Level I Am?

    • If you have danced before, coming back to it after a break, coming from X-body style Salsa, then please come along to the classes and speak with the teachers to see which level will be best for you. There is usually possibilities to try Level 2 which is Improvers, see how you feel, if you feel you need a little more, then to the try the Level 3 Intermediates class.

    • Doing 2 classes in the same night also qualifies you for a discount on that second class taken in the night.

Still have questions?

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