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This fitness class transcends beyond mere exercise; it embodies a philosophy, an attitude, and a vibrant way of life. Rooted in fun, inclusivity, and upliftment, we strive to foster a community where everyone can achieve their personal best while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Founded by Alain Hernandez, a Havana-native turned UK resident, CUBAtone® merges his passion for fitness with his eye for style. Recognizing a need for quality, affordable activewear that celebrates all body types, Alain created a unique collection that embodies the essence of the CUBAtone® brand—inclusive, vibrant, and empowering.


Anneta La Rusa is proud to work alongside Alain as an ambassador of the brand, marking its debut in Scotland. Join us as we redefine fitness, one joyful step at a time.

Check out the latest collection and class schedule below!

cubatone fitness class

Cubatone® classes in Glasgow:

  • Location:

    • Studio Ile Ache, 44 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ

  • Schedule:

    • Wednesday - 9:45am-10:15am

    • Thursday - 5:30pm-6:15pm

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