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Anneta La Rusa Styling class

Discover the Magic of
Cuban Salsa in Glasgow & Edinburgh

​Embark on a vibrant journey into the heart of Cuban culture with our Cuban Salsa lessons in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or have never stepped onto a dance floor, our range of classes offers something for everyone, inviting you to unleash the rhythm within and discover the joy of Salsa dance. Scotland's dance scene has never been more exciting, and La Rusa Dance is at the forefront, bringing the authentic spirit of Cuba to your doorstep!


Salsa dancing is more than just a series of steps; it's a celebration of life, a vibrant expression of Cuban culture that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. At La Rusa Dance, we offer Salsa classes in Glasgow & Edinburgh that are designed to not only teach you the moves but to immerse you in the experience of Salsa, creating a space where passion, music, and community come together in a dynamic dance experience.

Ready to take the first step? Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Ladies Cuban Style, the rhythmic expressions of Rumba "Skirtology," or the energetic steps of Cuban Salsa, La Rusa Dance offers a welcoming place to start your dance journey in Glasgow & Edinburgh. With classes for all levels, we provide the guidance and support you need to discover the joy of Salsa and make it a part of your life.

Cuban Salsa
1-Day Intensive

Designed to propel you beyond the basics in just a single day, this unique experience offers five hours of expert tuition, providing you with the skills and confidence to take your dancing to new heights. 

As the first of its kind in Scotland, this intensive workshop promises an unforgettable day filled with laughter, learning, and plenty of Salsa magic.


Ladies Cuban Style

Feminine, elegant, sassy Cuban body movement class.


Expect some technique drills and isolations, arm styling, and hip movement.


Routines will include a mix of Cuban genres and style combinations

Ladies Cuban Style Glasgow and Edinburgh classes

Rumba "Skirtology"

Rumba Guaguanco with a focus on the ladies skirt/scarf language, tips, tricks, and improvisation techniques.

Suitable for anyone who is familiar with Rumba basics or Cuban Style Basics and is looking to gain confidence on the floor.

Ladies Rumba Skirtology class Glasgow

Cuban Salsa

Enjoy the rhythms of Cuban Salsa in a welcoming and fun atmosphere.


If you have completed our Absolute Beginners course, this is the ideal next step for anyone looking to dive further into the world of Cuban Culture.

Beginners 1 day salsa intensive glasgow


CUBATONE® is not just a fitness programme or a clothing line. It's a philosophy, an attitude, and a way of life that is fun, enjoyable, inclusive and uplifting.

We encourage you to achieve your personal best and have a healthy, active lifestyle which is fun, enjoyable, stylish and fulfilling.

cubatone fitness class

Private Tuition

Elevate your Salsa dancing skills with personalized one-on-one tuition tailored to your specific needs and goals. Private sessions offer a multitude of benefits, including focused attention, accelerated progress, and customized instruction to suit your learning style.


Whatever your goal, private tuition provides the individualized support and guidance you need to shine on the dance floor. 

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